“Shareking will build new formations which will strengthen your foundation and will never break your success”
- Chandrakant Parmar
SHAREKING (Technical guru)

“Shareking will 100% benefit the client and brokers.”
- Mukund Thaker. (Technical Analyst)

“Knowing such theories will change the outlook towards the market
- Pankaj Patel. (Businessman)

“Such awareness in share market is must"
- S.R. Mishra (Professor)

“Educating in share market will for sure earn you a lot of money”
- Krishna Jejulkar (Professor)

“His vision to transform and provide so much of knowledge in the share market is remarkable”
- Dr. Bharat Palan (Doctor)

Before attending this seminar I had made a loss in share market and was afraid of doing business in share market. But after attending this seminar I am confident of earning in share market. Mr. Chandrakant Parmar with the example of charts, has proved that anyone can earn in share market. By proper planning now onwards I will work only on ARJUN'S EYE, which is a very powerful concept for earning in this market. I wish great success to Mr. C. S. Parmar – SHAREKING .
- DEEPAK ZAVERI, Businessman.

I am in share market since last 20 years and have attended many seminars, but always had financial up and down in earning from share market. But after attending this seminar I have started making profit. ARJUN'S EYE is a powerful tool for earning and I am confident of making great financial growth in share market.
- PRADEEP SHAH, Share Market Trader.

I was working in share market without any knowledge and only on tips of different people and was making heavy losses. But after going through Mr. C. S. Parmar's theory which is very simple and easy, I am confident of earning on my own and make profit, emerging bright future in share market.
- RAMAPATI YADAV, Sub-broker.

Extremely knowledgeable seminar and I suggest all who are working in share market must attend this seminar.
- BIPIN MEHTA, Businessman, PUNE.

This seminar is very practical and great work. Great commitment to us. Thank you.

The intention of Mr. C. S. Parmar of saving families who are making loss in share market and converting them into an earning family with proper planning is very generous and divine concept on which he has based his seminar. GOD is always with such an extra ordinary person. This seminar is not on professional basis, it is based on family relation, where Mr. C. S. Parmar is teaching you again and again with no extra charges, I think this is only one seminar which teaches you like a family member. The theory is an unique one, simple and very effective, even many times we don't have stop loss
- is marvellous concept. ARJUN`S EYE is a powerful instrument for earning.
- MITESH SHAH, Share Market Trader.

Very new ideas were introduced which are simple and excellent. I love ARJUN`S EYE theory, by applying it I can earn a lot of money in share market. GOD bless you for your intention to GIVE rather then to TAKE....keep it up….
- MADHVI INGLE, Service.

I am house wife and wish to earn from house, so I had joined SHAREKING seminar. Theory of Mr. C. S. Parmar was really a great experience and an easy way to be successful. Just one or two hours per day is enough for earning in share market for me now. Best of luck to KING OF KING i.e. SHAREKING.
- BIJAL K. THAKKAR, House wife.

I was not interested in share market seminar because previously we had made a loss in share market, but my friend Bijal Thakkar forcefully registered me for this seminar. I was surprised after attending this seminar that with perfect planning and with the help of ARJUN`S EYE anybody can earn easily in share market. I am sure now that I can earn in share market. Thanks to Bijal and SHAREKING - MR. C. S. PARMAR.
- LEENA R. GADA, House wife.

- BINA MEHTA, Share Market Investor.

Got a very needful knowledge, can enter the share market positively now. Specially impressed by ARJUN`S EYE CONCEPT.

Derived great knowledge, excellent presentation and convincing theory. Just smart work – with less efforts. ARJUN`S EYE – amazing.
- ANAND V. DOSHI, Businessman.

Excellent!!! – many concepts were cleared, new ideas were given for earning in share market. Gave new direction for trading.
- RAJESH SHAH, Service.

I was very raw in making an investment in share market. After attending the seminar of Shri C. S. Parmar I could personally analyse the trend and could take my own decision for trading.
- MAYUR D. UNTWAL, Businessman.

The seminar is very informative. Will seek support from you in future. I would love to trade in ARJUN`S EYE. GOOD LUCK.
- RAJESHWARI PILLAI, Share market Trader.

Excellent programme. Keep up with the good work. Two hours is enough for earning in share market. ARJUN`S EYE CONCEPT is an extra ordinary one.
- MAYUR THAKKER / HETAL THAKKER, Businessman / House wife.

The seminar was very excellent and profitable and the vision of Mr. Parmar (SHAREKING) was very clean. Teaches people like his family member. Wonderful achievement by Mr. Parmar. Full share market just on one paper – no one can give this type of knowledge. BEST WISHES IN FUTURE.
- MANISH M. DOSHI, Businessman.

This is an UNIQUE SEMINAR and can be useful for investment purpose. Even a lay man can earn in share market, if implements what SHAREKING teaches.
- PANKAJ A.SANGHVI, Businessman.

We are fascinated with the in depth knowledge of Mr. C. S. Parmar in the strategy of stock market trading with swing theory and ARJUN`S EYE. Intraday/trading or positional with planning anyone can earn.

ARJUN`S EYE is the best tool for earning from the share market. And knowing swing high and swing low we can make money in intraday as well as in daily basis.
- SHRENIK H. MODI, Businessman.

It was really a nice experience and great interaction and a very good learning experience. We really appreciate your co-operative and positive nature.
- VIKAASH TULSIAN, Businessman.

Even after making loss in share market, now I feel I can earn a lot – after attending this seminar of Mr. Parmar.
- ANIL PAREKH, Mutual Fund Advisor.

Theory of SHAREKING is very simple and it is necessary to implement it.
- ARUN BANSHILAL Businessman

A very interesting theory learnt from Mr. Parmar. I thank him for this insight
- DIGISH R.PANDIT sub-broker

Learnt technical for the first time through a thorough professional. Happy to learn and now eager to earn through it.
- DHIRAJ S. JAIN, Businessman.

Mr. Parmar is second WARAN BUFFET. Really a simple and unique theory.
- ANAND MALU, Textile Manufacturer.

Very good and fantastic.
- DHIREN SHAH, Businessman.

Your ARJUN`S EYE is really a beautiful concept. Any share market trader can earn by applying theory of ARJUN`S EYE. Thanks a lot.
- ARUN, Businessman.

The seminar was simply superb and unforgettable. So many things I came to know that was really good and full of surprise.
- RUPAL PATEL, Student.

Good intraday as well as delivery theory – Specially inspired by ARJUN`S EYE theory. Got a good knowledge of technical chart.
- BHAVNA VORA / ATUL VORA House wife / C.A.

Good predictive technique for any one to digest, against the very high odds in real time stock market. It will save money and give highly informed opportunity to encash in short time. The ARJUN`S EYE CONCEPT will hit the targets without any damage. Be Eklavya to understand ARJUN`S EYE. Then be a winner.

Dear sir, It was really a wonderful experience to learn your UNIQUE and fantastic theory of "ARJUN`S EYE" and would inform many people, so can help to save their life, money, as they are doing trading without knowing much about theory and thus making losses. I will take this responsibility to join your seminar and learn from your theory and earn lot in future.
- ATUL CHAUHAN, Civil Engineer.

Mr. C. S. Parmar is really a SHAREKING with in depth knowledge and a wonderful attitude.
- MUSTAFA, Businessman.

Mr. Chandrakant kaka has a very good knowledge in share market and his teaching is harmless and very very easy to understand the share market. He is always there to help and assist.
- JATIN SHAH, Crewmember.

It is very best knowledge given by Mr. Parmar for sharemarket. I wish him great success in his life.
- DILIP MAKWANA Businessman

A unique method was explained which will help in minimising losses and maximising profits. The approach is scientific. Mr. Parmar has explained the whole strategy in a very simple manner.
- RAJESH SHAH, Stock Trader.

Fanta fabuleos, knowledgable. You have a DIVINE POWER. Saving many lives. GOD BLESS.
- AMISH MEHTA,Businessman.

This programme has changed my thoughts for share market. I become positive about it. Thank you.
- DILIP K. SAVLA, Rekki Master.

I am proud that you are my friend. Now I am sure, learning from you will give me a lot of money, which will make me stress free.
- KETAN MEHTA, Dealer in Stock Market.

I feel all need to attend this seminar of SHAREKING. It`s just amazing.
- CHETAN K. Student

No words to express. Its beyond any comparision. We can master the toughest job in a very simple manner.
- CHURCHILL H. MEHTA, Sales executive.

We had received a lot of knowledge from SHAREKING. My self is a stock broker and also doing my trading, but today knowledge received by me from SHAREKING is excellent and appreciable. Thank you very much.
- BHARAT MOTA, Stock broker

Chandrakant Sir YO !
Shareking YO !!
Family YO !!
Absolute Enlightning, Gr8 ! work and amazing theory.
Motivational leader at WHDC

Research by Mr. Parmar in share market is very deep. Totally perfect and easy technique develop by him. A lay man or anyone who wish to earn in share market can easily earn in share market. Wish each and every time Mr. Parmar gives us lots of knowledge for share market.

Mandalia Shares & Sec. Pvt. Ltd.
Seminar was very meaningful and very easy to understand the share market. Mr. Parmar sir is doing very excellent work..
- JATIN SHAH Student


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