How to Earn

According to us rather How to earn, one should have reason Why to Earn? and once the purpose of earning is clear than nobody can stop you from earning whatever amount you want. Here at Shareking we firmly believe that whichever industry you are working with, your in depth knowledge about that industry is most essential. We support you over here with the knowledge of Share Market. As you increase your knowledge about share market as you go through, you will find it very amazing that how simple it is to maximize your profit and minimize your loss in the share market. According to Shri C. S. Parmar believes in STAN SERRAO'S saying 'work works; Smart work pays'.

SHAREKING simplify the following points for to earn in share market.

What you need to understand?

» When share prices will Rise?

» When share prices will Fall?

» Trends:
- Bullish Trend
- Bearish Trend
- Sideways Trend

» Change of Trend:
- Bullish Trend to Bearish Trend
- Bearish Trend to Bullish Trend

» False Trend:
- Bullish False Trend
- Bearish False Trend

» When Bullish/Bearish Trend in Share Market will be over?
- Completion of Bullish Trend
- Completion of Bearish Trend
- Completion of Sideways Trend

» Where to Average Share Price?

» What is Projected price in Bullish/Bearish Market?

» Stop-Loss.

» When to Remain away from the Share Market?

» After reaching all time high, the Share Market will indicate that it is still in Bullish phase or not.

» After reaching all time low, the Share Market will indicate that it is still in Bearish phase or not.

» How to earn in Intraday Transactions?
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